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certified life and business coach, brand strategy expert, and your new professional hype girl

I'm on a mission to help women regain control of all the things through the unexpected magic of brand strategy. Here at Holmes House I am totally dedicated to helping women like you to stand out as your gorgeous, glittering selves while also being insanely successful at what you do.

You'll find that I'm not your typical business coach or brand designer. I'm not about hard and fast rules or one-size-fits-all plans. In fact, I'm going to help you break through everything that has been holding you back. It's time to finally uncomplicate your life and make your own rules.

stick around & you'll probably hear me say...

"Your business is meant to

not be your life."

support  your life,



you just don't know it yet."

have all of the  pieces,

have all of the pieces,


you to be more

"Your brand should



you get to make all the rules."

"It's your business. You're the

from burn-out...

After struggling with burnout and feeling very adrift in my daily life and job, I decided to dive down the personal growth rabbit hole looking for direction. The turning point in my journey occurred when I discovered the DREAM Method: a proven, 5-part framework that helps women create maintainable alignment in their lives and businesses.

Within just six months of applying the concepts I learned, everything in my life changed. I had more confidence, less stress, and clearer direction; I started Holmes House and even quit my day job. Needless to say, the DREAM Method works (and it's worked for hundreds of other women as well.)

But of course, no real life story reaches a happy ending without its fair share of hurdles and struggles. Enter a worldwide pandemic totally altering life as we know it within mere weeks of me taking Holmes House full-time... (Hashtag Bad Luck Brian, am I right?)

I would be lying if I pretended that building this business has been a straight, upward line. In reality, it was an often frustrating up and down rollercoaster full of pivots and big, scary shifts. But, holy moly, I truly don't regret a minute of it.

Because along the way I was able to learn some firecracker ways to minimize the craziness and uncomplicate the path forward. Here's the core truth that I discovered -- if our purpose is divinely given, then our dreams are the north star that lead us to it. We already have the answers, BUT there is an amazing tool that makes it way easier to uncover and learn how to use those answers and live in our purpose.

What is that magical tool, you might ask? Brand strategy! I know, I know... It doesn't sound life-changing; but trust me when I tell you it is THE secret weapon to freeing yourself from insecurity so you can show up boldly and effectively, not only in your business but in every area of your life. 

...to big-dream bff

shooting Color film on a 1950's Diana camera

after lunch dirty chai lattes


forever laughing with my cutie husband, Jake

my current


claim your dream

What if that life you've been secretly dreaming of was only four months away?

change your life.

change your business...

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