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The BFF Effect: A Practically Magic Guide to Your Best Brand Ever

A Practically Magic Guide to Your Best Brand EVER

Want the secrets to going from stuck to sold-out success? I'm spilling all the tea in my new group experience.

Hannah Holmes, Photographer and Designer of Holmes House Creative Co

Helping boss babes like you to look like the PROs that you are.

I’m Hannah Holmes, the one-woman show behind Holmes House Creative Co., and I’m dedicated to providing super fun and crazy effective tools to help female business owners live into their full, magical potential.

With my nearly a decade of professional photography, graphic design, marketing, and branding experience, I’ll help you to show up and stand out as the pro-level queen that you are. 

I’m passionate about helping you to be insanely successful in your business AND in your life! Effective marketing is part of a strong brand, and I believe that a strong brand which is aligned with your dreams is about SO much more than building a business. It’s about learning to stand in your power, and live as the best version of you. That’s the real magic, babe.