Master Your Magic: 1:1 Brand, Business, & Mindset Coaching with Hannah Holmes


May lead to radical change...

Are you stuck, confused, or overwhelmed in your business?

You throw ideas like spaghetti at a wall, praying that something will stick. (Did you just create a new sport...?)

Everyday is an overwhelming juggling act that consists of you trying to do ALL the things, all at once. (and usually failing.)

Tired and drained is simply a way of life. Your life.

There was a point when you were on FIRE! But then the momentum burned up like a can of gasoline at a high school bonfire, and now you just feel stuck.

What if instead you could...

Kick confusion to the curb. 

Grow confidence in yourself and your business.

Fast-track your success.

Begin working from a place of total clarity.

Know exactly how to avoid (and recover) from burn out.

Build a business that GIVES you a life, instead of being your life.

Hannah Holmes of Holmes House Creative Co., Styled Stock Photography & Strategic Brand Development
"My Magic Power Hour sessions always make me feel like I can take on the world. Working with Hannah has seriously been the best thing I've done for my business."
Ashley Fox
Ashley Fox
A. Bright Girl's Club

When did you stop believing you could be anything you ever dreamed of?

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Hi, I'm Hannah! I'm not your typical business coach.

I’m a master-certified DREAM method coach with nearly eight years of professional branding, design, marketing, and business expertise.

I am totally dedicated to helping you to stand out as yourself and be insanely successful at what you do. I’ll help you create a business that you know is propelling you towards the life you’ve only dreamed of (while having a TON of fun along the way.)

You’re not too weird, too different, or too atypical. You don’t need to fit into somebody else’s box to be successful or work with high-end clients. It’s time to rewrite the rules, babe.

We’ll use a unique combination of my Foolproof Foundations formula and the DREAM method to ensure out time together is not only purposeful, but tailored for YOU!

Master Your Magic: 1:1 Brand, Business, & Mindset Coaching with Hannah Holmes

Work with DREAM Method certified coach Hannah Holmes

Master Your Magic brings you 12-weeks of fun and actionable one-on-one brand, business, and mindset coaching. Here’s exactly how it works:

1. Magic Mini Session

Grab a coffee and join me for a complimentary video consultation call. We’ll get to know each other to ensure a good fit, and we’ll already begin to see how I can support you in your goals through a Magic Power Hour package.

2. Onboarding & Prep

Woohoo! Now we’re ready to get all of the official mumbo jumbo out of the way so we can make some magic! I will send your welcome packet with everything you need to finalize the contract, set up your payments, and get our first session on the calendar. 

3. Strategic Kick-Off

Get ready to hit the ground running with this 2-hour long kick-off session! We’ll be diving deep into the 3 Foolproof Brand Foundations, ensuring that this session alone will equip you with actionable steps to immediately level up your business.

4. Movin' & Groovin'

Now that we’ve laid a totally FIRE foundation, we’ll meet via video call every other week to make big moves in your business, brand, and mindset! Be prepared for lightbulb moments, lots of laughs, and renewed excitement for your unique calling. 

5. Boss Babe Support

Need help outside of our bi-weekly call? I get it — you can’t predict when things pop up or inspiration hits! That’s why I’ve always got your back, babe. Throughout our time together you have total access to me during office hours via the free Voxer messaging app.

Everything Included

Three Months:
Six Powerful Sessions

→ 2 Hr Deep Dive Strategy Kick-Off Call

→ 60 Minute Bi-weekly Calls

→ Brand & Marketing Assets Review

→ Voxer Messaging Support

Master Your Magic: 1:1 Brand, Business, & Mindset Coaching with master-certified coach Hannah Holmes

3 payments of $550

or $1500 one-time payment

The Tools

aka the cure to ALL your business and mindset woes...

While we will definitely have fun, in Master Your Magic we aren’t just playing around. We’ll be using strategic tools to create real action steps to propel you towards your goals!

The BFF Effect

You need to build a rock-solid base if your business is going to be successful and fulfilling! Developed through years of working as a professional marketer, designer, and brand strategist, The BFF Effect is a three-tiered approach to creating foolproof brand foundations:

1. Own Your Purpose

2. Align Your Magic

3. Create your Culture

This is the exact method that I use to with my design clients in my signature Brand Magic service, because EVERY part of your business needs to be built on these fundamental layers.

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The DREAM Method

I don’t just tout this method because I am a certified DREAM method coach — I use this method because it literally changed my life. Using the concepts and tools from Master Coach Tara Kirby’s DREAM method, I pulled myself out of burn-out, recovered my confidence, started THIS business, and quit my day job all within six short months.

So what is the DREAM method exactly? It’s a set of fundamentals and tools to guide you into becoming the person you were always meant to be.

We'll work through whatever you need, wherever you're at.

There’s no one-size fits all when it comes to building businesses and creating our dream life! That’s why after our initial Deep Dive Strategy Call, each 60-min session is customized to meet you wherever you’re at. Here’s some of the topics that we can work through:

→ Getting clear on your “Why”

→ Determining your ideal client

→ How to find and attract clients & customers

→ Goal Setting

Building a visual brand

→ Messaging to cut through the noise

→ Busting through blocks & limiting beliefs

→ Social Media

→ Pricing & Service Packages

→ Combatting Overwhelm

→ Finding alignment in your everyday

Specific project, products, & launch strategies

This is for you if...

→ You want to fast-track your dreams.

→ You’re ready to take massive action.

→ You’re confused about where to start or how to get to the next level.

→ You want to burn-out proof your business.

→ You need accountability.

You are an entrepreneur or small business owner (or want to be).

This probably isn't for you if...

→ You’re not willing to take action.

→ You’re unable to be introspective.

→ You don’t want to dream big.

→ You’re not up for a fun time.

→ You’re not building a business.


Technically yes, but it’s risky! Master Your Magic is a one-one program, so I can only offer a limited number of open spots. Once those spots are filled, it could be quite a while before another spot opens up – I have a very high retention rate for my coaching clients!

The two-hour long Deep Dive Kick-Off call will require some pre-work on your part; this pre-work typically takes at least one hour to work through, but could be more or less depending on how clear you already are on your brand and business. After that, we will have five more calls every other week, each one-hour long. 

Outside of the coaching calls, your time commitment is really up to you! In our call we will discuss action steps, and following each call I will send you your personalized action plan to help you act on what we worked through; but I strive to keep these based on what is realistically actionable for you in your current life situation and goals.

Think of our time together like an investment into your dream life—the more time you dedicate now, the more time you will gain back as the result of your investment.

Absolutely! If you are a solopreneur or small business owner (or you WANT to be!) then this is right for you. I work with women in all different industries because the principles that we work with, the DREAM Method and the Foolproof Foundations, are applicable to virtually any small business.

Babe, I am just as impatient to help you see results as you are to get them! But the truth is we can never predict anyone’s individual timeline or path. What I can guarantee is that if you show up and do the work, you WILL see change.

Brand Magic is my signature brand strategy and design package; it does includes purposeful coaching, but with the main focus of creating a complete brand identity including your visuals.

Master Your Magic is 100% coaching and does not include any graphics or deliverables.

If you’re not sure which service would be better for you, book a complimentary Magic Mini session and we can work together to determine which service is best for your unique needs!

Yes, as long as I have openings available you can hold your future spot with a non-refundable $500 deposit.