a membership for boss babes to grow together

What if growing a business could be more like

an epic

slumber party?

If you didn't already know, here at Holmes House I truly believe that our businesses should be supporting our lives (instead of BEING our lives).

But in addition to being an avenue for us to accomplish the proverbial "making income while making an impact," I think that also means that we should be having a lot more fun. Like, A LOT MORE. So I say it's time that we gather our squad and make this biz-building life more of a party.

Who said that being an entrepreneur had to be so frustratingly hard and lonely?

inside our virtual community.

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Quit doing business alone —

biz besties

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Will you find your boss babe wing women? High probability. 

Will you make a whole lot of new biz besties? Almost certainly. 

Will you have the support and tools to make big changes in your life and business? Abso-freakin-lutely.

You need a hype squad like no other, where community over competition is more than just a cute hashtag, and you can look forward to exclusive trainings every single month.

You need a hype squad like no other,

where community over competition is more than just a cute hashtag, and you can look forward to exclusive trainings every single month.

a monthly group coaching & training community

 building your empire

to make                                                       way more fun & effective

1x live group coaching call
1x Live Biz Training from an expert
Replays of Every past MM training
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what you'll find every month inside the

online membership

education & support

1x group Coaching Call
1x Live expert Biz Training
Replays of Every Past Event
Private Slack Community



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these added benefits

pop-up challenges & events
BFF Effect Mastermind Discount
Locked in Membership Price
Easily cancel anytime

"Not only has Hannah given me great business advice, pushed me out of my comfort zone, & made me dive deep; but she’s also given us this amazing community of fiery, hilarious women who hype one another up!"

Lindsey R.

"Hannah gives great business advice, and has provided this amazing community of fiery, hilarious women who hype one another up!"

Upcoming Member Events

Group Coaching

1/11/22 at 8:00 pm EST

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The DREAM Method

1/21/22 at 3:30 PM EST

Live Training w/Jade Alexander

2/3/22 at 1:00 pm EST

Group Coaching

2/15/22 at 8:00 pm EST

Are you ready to uncomplicate all the things so your business can be an everyday party? Yeah, I thought so. As a master-certified DREAM coach with nearly a decade of experience in design, marketing, and branding you can be confident that I got your back. Let's connect the passion with the strategy, and make some big magic. 


master-certified DREAM coach, brand strategy expert, &  your new professional hype girl

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If you identify as a female business owner operating in the online space looking for support and community, then, YES, this is for you!  Our community is made up of women from a variety of business types and niches, of all experience types, so no matter where you are on your business journey there's a place for you here.

In Magic Makers we believe in a holistic view of life and business, understanding that our businesses feed into our personal lives and vice versa, you can expect a range of training discussions on business, branding, and mindset to support healthy alignment in all areas of our lives. Every single month you can look forward to a live, 60-minute training call, including space for discussion / Q&A hosted by either myself or a qualified guest expert. Past trainings include: Fireproof Your Biz, What's the Deal with Niching?, and Using the Enneagram to Unleash Your Potential.

I got you, babe! Within 48 hours of any live training, you will get access to replays inside of the Magic Makers replay hub. (And did I mention that the replay hub also includes access to EVERY past training replay? That right. No matter when you join, you get access to the entire back log of education.)

Slack is a really cool (free) messaging app that we’ll use to stay in community! Think of it like a Facebook group, but without the distractions and with a better focus on communication. If you haven’t used it before, don’t worry – I’ve got a handy quick-start video for everyone inside the Magic Maker portal to make sure it’s easy-peasy for everyone to use.

I get it! Budgets, needs, seasons of life change, and I don't expect you to be a member for the next sixty years. You can cancel your membership for Magic Makers at any time from within the Magic Maker Teachable portal. You will retain access to the Slack community and MM portal for the remainder of your billing period; after that your access to past replays and the community will be revoked, and you will not incur any further automatic membership charges. 

Magic Makers is a monthly membership which includes access to the private MM community Slack channel, the online MM replay portal, and live group events . You will retain access to these things for as long as you are a member; if you cancel your membership, you will have access to the MM benefits for the remainder of your billing period, after which time your access to the Slack channel, online replay portal, and live events will end.

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© 2022 Holmes House Creative LLC
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