Your hands-on, uncomplicated guide to

creating your complete

Your hands-on, uncomplicated guide to creating your complete

brand strategy


brand strategy roadmap.

You're ready to change the world with your business,

but you're just not sure how to take it from meh...                       

to magic.

but you're just not sure how to take it from meh...

gimme the magic!

It's time for you to be truly successful – in whatever YOUR definition of success is – without having to change or fit some uppity, vanilla stereotype.

I know you want to build a community of raving, totally obsessed fans who are overjoyed to throw their debit cards at whatever you are serving up.

And let's not forget your dream of holding total freedom to adjust your work hours, take weeks (or months!) off at a time, and still know that your biz will continue to run effortlessly without you.

if your heart just skipped a beat, you're gonna want to

keep reading...

 & go from stuck & burned out to 

Sold-out success.

create your personal business roadmap,

So how exactly are we going to find this magical roadmap, you might ask? By using The BFF Effect, my signature approach to helping you build a foolproof brand strategy. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Own your purpose

Bust through the blocks that hold you back, while getting crazy clear on your passions, values, and calling.


Identify exactly how to grow your business services to support you and reel in your dream clients.


Build a purposeful system of magnetic visuals and relatable messaging that will make you stand out.

become best friends with who you're meant to be

Align Your Magic

create a business that you & your people are obsessed with

Create Your Culture

prepare for authentic connections
& dream client conversions

By using The BFF Effect, my signature approach to helping you build a foolproof brand strategy. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

So how exactly are we going to find this magical roadmap, you might ask?

These are the same steps that have transformed the lives of my 1:1 clients.

to get the same results.

your turn

Now it's

"Until Hannah walked me through The BFF Effect, my business was running me. Now? I work less and make more money! Her method gave me the clarity I needed to structure my business, define my audience, and know the value that I provide." 

Alex Vanover, DIY Alex

"Before The BFF Effect, my business was running me. Now? I work less and make more money!"

getting started

With a 6 modules of adventure ahead of us inside of The BFF Effect: Online Course, you'll start by easing into the content with simple, but powerful first steps.

Lessons include:
- Intention Setting
- Intro to The BFF Effect

If you don't know where you're headed, how can you confidently expect to ever arrive?

In this module, we're going to fix that by getting crazy clear on your passions, values, and calling so that you can step into who you were always meant to be.

Lessons include:
- Dream Mapping
- Busting Through Blocks
- Destination Success
- Your Purpose Pie

Module 1

own your purpose

Module 2

Recognizing that our business is meant to support our purpose instead of being our whole life is one thing. Learning how to actually make that happen is another... 

But don't worry - that's what this week is all about! We're pulling out all the stops to make sure everything you do will get you closer to your best self (in and out of the biz), while learning the simple secrets to get super cozy with your ideal audience.

Lessons include:
- The Power of Your Story
- Your Secret Sauce
- Dream Client Besties
- BONUS: The SWOT Analysis (your surprising secret weapon)

By now you know where you're going, what you're doing, and who you're serving. In this module we'll take it even deeper to create your perfect, magnetic messaging strategy.

These are invaluable tools that you'll rely on every single day to create a brand culture that sets you apart by speaking directly to your dream clients. You'll know what, how, and when to say the right magic words.

Lessons include:
- Your Brand Personality
- Take It to the Bank
- Brand Essence

align your magic

Module 3

create your culture, pt 1

Module 4

your culture, pt 1

All of the hard work that you've done over the last four modules won't mean a lot if your potential customers never see you. *Wah-wamp*

We'll totally avoid that by ensuring that you're not only getting in front of them, but that you're grabbing their attention with scroll-stopping visuals that instantly pull them into your brand culture.

Lessons include:
- Setting the Mood
- Color Crash Course
- Tip-top Type

This course isn't meant to be a binge-it-and-forget-it - when you follow these steps you'll create an infinitely scalable, repeatable blueprint to reaching your dreams.

In our final module together, I'll show you the easy tricks to maintain your new BFF Effect roadmap, so that you always know how to use it effectively for continued growth and alignment (and for those unexpected detours that will inevitably pop up down the road).

Lessons include:
- Rinse & Repeat
- Turn Up the Heat

create your culture, pt 2

module 5

make longterm magic

module 6

your culture, pt 2

longterm magic

Are you ready to uncomplicate all the things so your business can be an everyday party? Yeah, I thought so. As a master-certified DREAM coach with 8+ years of experience in design, marketing, and branding you can be confident that I got your back, babe. Let's connect the passion with the strategy, and make some big magic. 


master-certified DREAM coach, brand strategy expert, &  your new professional hype girl

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"Everyone needs The BFF Effect! I've done branding for years for clients, but Hannah helped me do it for my own brand in a way that I was blocked from doing for so long. The way she helps you understand your ideal client is worth the whole program cost on its own because it takes you off the hamster wheel."

Chelsea Swain, Brimworthy

"The way Hannah helps you understand and create your ideal client is worth the whole program cost all on its own."


This is a self-paced course, meaning you can work through it based on what works best for your current schedule!  I recommend taking 1-2 weeks to work through each of the 6 modules, including watching the lessons and then completing the accompanying workbook pages.

Forever! As long as it exists, you will have access to any and all future updates and versions of the The BFF Effect online course!

No. The workbook for the self-paced course is a PDF digital download only. However, if you don't wish to print the worksheets at home you can send the PDF file to your favorite local print shop and have a physical workbook copy created for you. 

If you want to learn to use The BFF Effect, but with a high level of personalized support and accountability, you can apply for my 1:1 coaching program Master Your Magic. In addition to twice-monthly Zoom calls and M-F Voxer coaching support, all of my 1:1 clients receive complimentary access to The BFF Effect online course. You can learn more about Master Your Magic here.

Throughout the year, I sometimes also offer a BFF Effect Mastermind program which includes everything you'll find in this course in addition to a really awesome group coaching element. Anyone who has purchased The BFF Effect Online Course will receive exclusive discounts to join the Mastermind. 

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