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your brightest life.


your dream business &


Reclaim your inspired magic so you can

You don't have to be a traditional artist to live a creative life. In fact, creativity transcends talent, calling, and niche. It's a practice of leaning into your left brain, feminine energy and playfully exploring new ideas and ways to experience your inner and outer worlds. And it changes everything.

Creative energy is the magical tether that connects the dots of your life, and dictates whether that life is lived in muddy shades of black and white or in radiant technicolor. It's the electricity that keeps the lights on in your life, and connects your current life to your dream life.

Just like stars which are hidden in the brightness of a city sky at night, your creativity is always there waiting to guide you even when you can't see it. Sometimes all it takes is choosing a different road to uncover those twinkling lights in all their glory.

Creativity isn't about art...

It's about living.

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What if I told you it's not about working harder or selling more.

It's about reclaiming our lives, to live in the way that we were each uniquely meant to be living.

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It's time to step into your purpose, wholly and creatively. It's about not sitting on the sidelines of your own life anymore. It's about connecting with the forces outside of you that allow you to expand past your real or imagined limitations.

It's time to start living like it.

You are a work of art.

💫 You feel like a ROCKSTAR in your business.
😅 You simultaneously feel super stuck in the everyday grind, knowing something is off but you can't quite put your finger on what that might be.

💫 You work hard not to be distracted and to stay on track towards hitting those goals.
😅 Trying to live out someone else's arbitrary idea of consistency and success has left you feeling uninspired, bored, or overwhelmed.

💫 You're bringing home the bacon, confident in your ability to make that moolah.
😅 You're also a slave to your routine, low on time, and afraid that changing anything will topple this delicate house of cards you've built.

💫 You feel like you're on the verge of something BIG, and you can't wait to get there.
😅 You could use a strong support system and a toolbox of proven resources to guide you through the discomfort and challenges of leveling up.

You know it's time to focus on creative expansion when...

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Just wait until you see everything waiting for you inside...

a 6-month mastermind for creative expansion & alignment

Are you getting excited yet?

Creative expansion is a an adventure in being radically you.

We're flipping the script to create a new, vibrant normal for ourselves, our families, and our clients.

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We're going all-in on activating our personal magic, healing our blocks to open our creativity, recapturing alignment between our right & left brains / masculine & feminine energy, & quantum leaping to our beyond-imagination dream lives.

Together we'll commit to creating radical change in our lives using proven tools such as...


A legendary guidebook from creativity guru Julia Cameron, this is the manual for unblocking your creativity, tapping into inspired flow, and recovering your most visionary self.

The Artist's Way


An acronym for "Brand Foolproof Foundations," my signature 3-tier solution for holistic brand strategy goes way beyond your business to guide you in connecting the pieces of your life.

The BFF Effect


This powerful tool for lasting transformation digs deep to help you uncover the next level of your unique calling and helps you to align that dream with your reality.

The DREAM Method

Repeat after me:

but you're just not sure how to take it from meh...                       

You            a creative being.


You have                         magic inside of you.


You have the power to create an                           life


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Real talk - I've spent a LOT of the last few years letting my business consume my life more and more. All while teaching the importance of ensuring your business is expanding your life... *womp womp.* It was blind to how it was slowly killing me.

Chipping away in the overwhelm I would feel some days looking at my to-do list. In the imposter syndrome I'd experience inside while outwardly celebrating those around me. In the anxiety I constantly felt around a (real or imagined) lack of time, money, or energy.

But little by little I began to deeply trust and tap into my inner guidance. I began to allow flow. I began to play more and invite creative inspiration. I discovered new tools and rewrote how to use old ones. EVERYTHING started to change, in and out of the business, in good times, and bad. The transformation was real and it was POWERFUL.

When things inside you change,

everything else does too.

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6 group training & Coaching Calls
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6 months of private Voxer support
Group Voxer for peer support & connection
Weekly challenges & assignments

everything your mastermind spot includes:

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💫 Access to The BFF Effect online course
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This is a six-month mastermind; the upcoming round will run February through July 2023. Enrollment closes on January 20 or when all of the mastermind spots have been filled, whichever comes first.

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