Are you ready to go from meh...

to magic?

Your product is amazing.

Now let's make your visuals match.

I see you over their hustling for your dream.

But are you feeling overwhelmed? Overworked?

So tired of doing ALL of the things ALL of the time?

Girl, I’ve been there too. Burned out and drained from juggling so much for too long, and stuck in the hamster wheel of hustle. For gosh sakes, at some point somebody please light the beacons of Gondor, am I right???

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Truth Bomb

All of the hustle is wasted if you neglect your visual brand.

Maybe it seems like no-one's picking up what you're putting out.

As business owners there are SO MANY things we have to juggle, but if you’re neglecting your visual brand then all of that effort is going to be wasted. Oof.

Human beings are visual beings, baby. Meaning that subconsciously they pretty much always believe that what they see is what they get (whether it’s true or not!). 

So when your website is boring, they think your service is boring. When your Instagram photos are poor quality, they think your product is poor quality. Yikes!

2020 HHCC Teal Ceramic Unicorns Web 3

The solution is actually really simple.

You want to look professional? You need professional-quality touch points.

You want to stand out from the crowd? You need visual marketing that doesn’t look like anybody else.

You want to be scroll-stopping? You need magnetic visuals to grab their attention.

And let’s not forget the bootstrapping, one-woman show essentials… You need to get a LOT of bang for your buck, and you need need it to be straightforward and ready to go. (Fun wouldn’t hurt either, right??) 

Increase your sales, decrease your workload, and have a LOT more fun while you do it.

Just imagine it…

All of the photos and graphics you ever needed for your marketing are ready and waiting for you to put them to work…

Not only does your to-do list dramatically shrink, your brand is suddenly attracting the raving fans that you’ve always dreamed of.

No more spinning your wheels keeping up with visual content creation (because it’s already done!!). Suddenly you have the freedom to focus all of your energy on serving those people in the ways that you are KILLER at. Ohhh, yeahhh.

The world needs what you’ve got.

So let’s get their attention.

Get ready to party with your new business bestie.

With a suite of professionally created photos and graphics, the Holmes House Creative Co. Styled Stock Library was created to provide you with all of the creative pieces you need to make your marketing easier, more fun, and highly effective.

Screen Shot 2020 05 24 at 5.50.20 PM
The Holmes House Creative Co. Styled Stock Library
The Holmes House Creative Co. Styled Stock Library

Get instant, unlimited access to a growing library of colorful stock photos & graphics.

All of the tools you need to easily and effectively market your unique business—now just a click away.

Colorful & Fun Styled Stock Photographs

Ready-to-Post Social Quote Graphics

Fully Customizable Templates & Mock-ups

Customizable Templates & Mock-ups

Backgrounds & Other Design Elements

This is for you if you want to...

→ Uplevel your marketing game and look 1,000 times more professional

→ Create a super engaging, cohesive, and consistent visual brand

→ Inject your content with loads of personality

→ Eliminate the headaches, tears, & hours spent on visual content creation daily

→ Save hundreds to thousands of dolla-dolla bills that it would cost for custom work

→ Have fresh new content monthly so you NEVER have to worry about running out of visuals again

This is definitely for you if your style is...

→ Colorful & Vibrant

→ Fun & Upbeat

→ Nostalgic, Vintage, or Mixed Vibe

→ Weird, Funky, or Whimsical

→ Alternative but Trendy

This is perfect for you if you are a...

→ Blogger

→ Coach

→ Copywriter

→ Designer

→ Virtual Assistant

→ Or any other BOSS BABE


Stock Library Membership
$ 79
Every 3 Months
  • Unlimited Access to the Stock Library
  • New Images and Graphics Added Monthly
  • Under $27/Month
  • Less than $320 for a year!
Most popular


Stock Library Membership
$ 269
Every Year
  • Unlimited Access to the Stock Library
  • New Images and Graphics Added Monthly
  • Get 2 months FREE!
Best Value
Hannah Holmes, Photographer and Designer of Holmes House Creative Co

Helping boss babes like you to look like the PROs that you are.

I’m Hannah Holmes, the one-woman show behind Holmes House Creative Co., and I’m dedicated to providing super fun and crazy effective tools to help female business owners live into their full, magical potential.

With my nearly a decade of professional photography, graphic design, marketing, and branding experience, I’ll help you to show up and stand out as the pro-level queen that you are. 

I’m passionate about helping you to be insanely successful in your business AND in your life! Effective marketing is part of a strong brand, and I believe that a strong brand which is aligned with your dreams is about SO much more than building a business. It’s about learning to stand in your power, and live as the best version of you. That’s the real magic, babe.

A portion of every sale is donated to cancer research.

You can learn more here.


The images and graphics included in your stock membership can be used for nearly any personal and business use, online and in print.

This includes:

  • Website headers, page buttons, and blog post images
  • Social media such as Instagram posts and stories, Facebook posts and ads, and Pinterest graphics
  • Business communication pieces such as email and newsletters, direct mail, print advertising, and business cards
  • Business Opt-ins such as checklists, workbooks, and .PDFs or ebooks as long as the stock image is not he main component of the download
  • Professional presentations such as keynotes, powerpoint, webinars, and e-courses


You cannot:

  • Share, give away or “lend” your stock images and graphics
  • Use in derivative products, whether given freely or sold
  • Use for client work
  • Use to promote another stock shop

Yes! Modify your purchased stock images and graphics to better suit your business; this includes using cropping, editing presets, filters, text, and color overlays.

Additionally, you will find options for graphic templates in the stock library that have been specifically created for you to edit to perfectly fit your business.

Every image download includes two size variations of the photograph:

  1. Full-resolution: a minimum of 3000 pixels on the shortest side (most are much larger) 
  2. Web-resolution: 1200 x 1800 pixels (or 1800 px x 1800 pixels for square images)

Full-resolution images are suitable for nearly any use that you could need. Full-res is perfect for print applications, and even for for larger web banners. In more detailed images you can even take the full-resolution version and crop it into multiple smaller images to get more milage from a single image. 

Web-resolution images are perfect for social media, blog images, and nearly any website applications. 

You have access to all Membership benefits, including unlimited downloads of all past and new collections, for as long as you remain a member.

If you cancel your membership, you will still have access to all of your past downloads.

No! With your membership you have unlimited access to anything in the photo and graphics library. Download as often and as many times as you need to!

No! You’re totally free to use them without credit, although it does give me the warm fuzzies!

(If you want to provide credit, you can always tag me at @holmeshousecreative and #holmeshousecreative—I love to share how my babes are putting their styled stock to use!)

Every single month you can expect new photo and graphic collections, so you never have to worry about running out of fresh content again.

Your membership includes unlimited access to the entire Holmes House Creative Co. stock library which includes styled stock photos and graphics.

It does not include our Brand Services or any other future HHCC products outside of the stock library.


No. While your membership covers any and all businesses that you personally own, it does not cover your clients or work your business is doing for your clients. Your clients will need to purchase their own membership or individual stock photos / graphics for their project. 

If you are a social media manager, website designer, or other service provider with multiple clients who would benefit from a Holmes House Creative Co. membership, contact me for a customized business membership plan.

No! Your membership covers any and all businesses that you own, so you only need to purchase a single membership. 

However, your membership does not cover your clients or work your business is doing for your clients. Your clients will need to purchase their own membership or individual stock photos / graphics for their project. 

If you are a social media manager, website designer, or other service provider with multiple clients who would benefit from a Holmes House Creative Co. membership, contact me for a customized business membership plan.

Yes, it’s true that some stock photography resources are extremely overused and – dare I say – tacky and low quality. Bleh! 

Not here at Holmes House Creative Co.! In fact, I strive to provide the complete opposite of that because I know how difficult it is to get great visuals on a small business budget.

Every image in the stock library is professionally styled, photographed, and edited to ensure the highest quality. The props are carefully curated to bring lots of personality so nothing ever feels “institutional” or “generic.” And, of course, you’re going to find more color in the HHCC library than anywhere else.

As for over-use, that’s not something that you have to worry about here! Between the large selection of images and graphics available, and the fact that Holmes House Creative Co. members come from such varied niches, areas, and audiences, the chances are extremely slim that your spot in the business world will become overly saturated in HHCC stock.

Due to the digital nature of the membership, unfortunately I cannot offer refunds. However, I am committed to your complete satisfaction – if you are unhappy in any way with your membership please reach out to let me know how I can make it better.

If you decide to cancel your membership, you can easily do so from your account page. You will not receive a pro-rated refund, but you will continue to have membership access until the end of your current term.

Yes! You can easily change your membership level from your account page. You will not be charged for your new membership level until the end of your current membership term (listed as your “Next Payment Date” on your account page).

If your question wasn’t answered above, then you can check the Usage Agreement for more in-depth explanations on what is and isn’t okay to do with our photos and graphics, or shoot me a message here.