Next Round Opens This Summer

The BFF Effect: A Practically Magic Guide to Your Best Brand Ever

1 group of women + 5 incredible weeks =

Unlimited magic

This is for the boss babe who's ready to take their biz from meh to magic -- aka YOU!

Are you tired of feeling like your biz is the first stop on the Hot Mess Express? (When what you really want is for it to just be, well... HOT!)

Do you feel stuck in the humdrum doldrums of Entrepreneur Land? (I mean, you were basically promised Disneyland to the sound of constant cha-CHINGS, amiright?)

You don't even know where to start anymore because everyone and their brother's third cousin claims to have THE solution. (Cue the underboob sweat and nervous giggles.)

Let's be honest.

Girls just wanna have their cake and eat it too.

Is that really too much to ask?

So you want to be truly successful – in whatever YOUR definition of success iswithout having to change or fit some uppity, vanilla stereotype?

You want to build a community of raving, totally obsessed fans who are overjoyed to throw their debit cards at whatever you are serving up?

And we can’t forget the dream of holding total freedom to adjust your work hours, take weeks (or months!) off at a time, and still know that your biz will continue to run effortlessly without you?

It can be yours. All of it. You just need to find your personal roadmap.

The BFF Effect Group Experience with Hannah of Holmes House Creative

Buckle up. It's about to get really good.

In this group experience, we will create your personal 3-tier brand framework to go from stuck and burned out to sold-out success.

Part 1: Own Your Purpose

becoming best friends with who you're meant to be

Bust through the blocks that hold you back, while getting crazy clear on your passions, values, and calling

Part 2: Align Your Magic

create a business that you & your people are obsessed with

Identify exactly how to grow your business and services to support you (and spoil the heck out of your dream clients)

Part 3: Create Your Culture

prepare for authentic connections & dream client conversions

Build a strategic system of magnetic visuals and relatable messaging that will set you apart (and make you stand out)

These are the same steps that I take my high-level 1:1 brand & biz coaching clients through.

Here's what they've had to say about going through Brand Foolproof Foundations.

Everything Included

The BFF Effect Online Course

5 Video Training Modules

→ Downloadable Worksheets

→ 30+ Lessons Including:

・You're the Bomb-Dot-Com
Busting Through Blocks
Your Purpose Pie
Best Biz Ever
Dream Client Besties
Your Brand Personality
Setting the Mood

The BFF Effect Group Experience with Hannah of Holmes House Creative
Social Solutions: A 26-page Fillable Workbook to Create Your Perfect Social Media Marketing Plan | available at Holmes House Creative Co

Weekly Group Coaching

→ 5 Group Coaching Calls via Zoom

→ Replays of all Live Calls

→ Accountability & Support

→ Voxer Virtual Coaching (VIP Upgrade)

& Bonus Resources!

→ Custom BFF Welcome Gift

→ Social Solutions Content Planner Workbook

→ Brand & Moodboard Canva Templates

→ Affirmations Deck Download

Join the Waitlist

You've missed the current round of the Group Experience, but you can expect the next one to open by this summer!

Choose Your Adventure

Total Biz Bestie

$499 total

→ The BFF Effect Online Course
→ 5 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
→ Bonus Resources

Ultimate VIP Bestie

$699 total

→ Everything included in Total Biz Bestie
plus 6 weeks of Voxer Virtual Coaching

Hannah BrandShoot01 Lifestyle 100 copy

Hi, I'm Hannah! I'm not your typical brand designer & coach.

I’m a master-certified DREAM method coach with nearly eight years of professional branding, design, marketing, and business expertise.

I am totally dedicated to helping you to stand out as yourself and be insanely successful at what you do. I’ll help you create a business that you know is propelling you towards the life you’ve only dreamed of (while having a TON of fun along the way.)

You’re not too weird, too different, or too atypical. You don’t need to fit into somebody else’s box to be successful or work with high-end clients. It’s time to rewrite the rules, babe.

Get ready to build the business you only dreamed was possible.

The BFF Effect -Alex Vanover Testimonial
The BFF Effect - Dawn Patton Testimonial

Next round opens this summer!

The BFF Effect: A Practically Magic Guide to Your Best Brand Ever
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Week 1: Kick-off & Intro to The BFF Effect

Week 2: Setting the Destination & Owning Your Purpose

Week 3: Aligning Your Magic to Create the Ultimate Business

Week 4: Creating Your Culture with the Right Messaging & Visuals

Week 5: Making Longterm Magic with The BFF Effect

Here's just a few of the topics that we'll cover in The BFF Effect.

→ The 3 essential foundations of every brand

→ Mindset & busting through blocks

→ Defining your purpose & why

→ Determining your value proposition

→ Becoming besties with your dream client

→ The right messaging to cut through the noise

→ Building your perfect offers & products

(& so much more!)


The next round of the Group Experience will take place summer 2021! Each round has limited spots, so join the waitlist for first dibs when it opens.

Prior to the week of March 8, we will finalize the meeting day and time based on what works best for the majority of the group. We will meet at the same day and time each week. (But don’t worry – Replays will be provided in case anyone ever needs to miss a call!)

The next round of the Group Experience opens summer 2021!

Forever! As long as it exists, you will have access to any and all future updates and versions of the The BFF Effect online course!

I got you, girl! You will get access to replays of each coaching call within 48 hours.

Currently, no. It is only available as part of the group program. Launching the course material with a group format means that I can ensure the video content is as valuable as possible! It also allows me to provide more personalized support for every participant at a the same price they would have paid for the course alone. The group experience is win-win!

In the future, yes, I do plan to release the course on it’s own for those who prefer a self-paced option. However, I can’t say when that may be (but I can tell you the stand-alone course will be priced equivalent to the current group program beta investment.)

I’m glad you asked! Voxer is a free messaging app that you can use to voice message, text message, and even share attachments with me through.

Joining with the VIP upgrade means that you get to have virtual 1:1 access to me, like a coach in pocket whenever you need it! With the upgrade you receive 6 weeks of access to this direct connection with me; it officially begins 48 hours prior to the program kick-off call, and ends 1 week after our last group coaching call. 

I see you living that bootstrapping, budget life, girl! That’s why for both the regular and the VIP program levels I have the option to break your investment down into 3 smaller payments.