So you feel like a failure in your business?

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It’s really weird when I reflect on how my business looks completely different than I ever could have expected. And on top of that we all know that life itself has been entirely different than anything we could have predicted these last few years… (IKYK.)

I would be lying if I said it has not been without struggle, tears, or days I was convinced I had made a TERRIBLE mistake. 🤣 ⁠⁠(Just ask my husband, my mom, my bestie, and my biz coaches…)

✨But despite all the hard, things I dreamed about are STILL actively becoming my reality.✨⁠⁠

That is the power of setting intentions. That is the power of connecting to your dreams. That is the power of reaching for alignment in your life.⁠⁠

I truly believe that those seemingly impossible dreams and goals we have are gifts from God, meant to lead us to find and fulfill the expansive purpose He’s given us. The more you seek it the more you’ll find it! 💖⁠⁠

And what’s the worst that could happen? You fail?

Cause the only real failure is…

🔥 Believing that you’ve failed. 🔥⁠

That’s it.⁠

Failure isn’t real unless you make it real – it’s just a state of mind, babe.⁠

So tell me – what will you choose to believe today?💫⁠

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