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where helping you craft your

dream business

  is my command.

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Together we'll create your next level business, from the strategic foundations all the way up to the turn-key elements that will bring it to show-stopping life.

I know you’re past the point of bootstrapping a start-up, relying on swipe templates and pre-made Canva kits in efforts to cobble together your business messaging and visuals. Maybe you even invested a little in a logo, and it served you... for a time. But now you’re ready for a high-end, pro level brand that reflects who you are NOW and where you want to go.

Deep down, you want your business to support your life, not BE your life. Stop wasting effort, confused about out how to put all of the pieces together in a way that actually works for you. It’s time to take effective action to regain control and create massive forward momentum towards every big dream. 

Pssst... I've seen your future...


it looks like

signs &


Are you ready?

your total business

Calls, videos, & actionable worksheets to guide you every step of the way

Vision work to get crazy clear on your purpose, drivers, & aspirations

Optimize your business structure & strategy to support your dream life

Create your ultimate product suite for your soulmate clients

Co-create your magic messaging, so you know what to say & when to say it

custom visual identity suite that feels authentically you & deeply connects with your people


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"Brand Magic will completely change the way that
you view your business."

Tessa Klingensmith, Photographer

recent brand work

recent work

co-crafted strategy & messaging

- Brand personality & Voice
- Brand Statement
- Brand Slogan
- Messaging Anchors
- Dream Client Profile
- SWOT Analysis Breakdown

Let's do it!

Part 1

completely custom visual identity

- Logo Suite
- Curated Typography
- Color System
- Digital Brand Strategy Hub
- Visual Brand Direction Guide

I'm all in!

Part 2

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these exclusive perks & bonus resources 

- VIP Day for Collateral design
- launch & Implementation support
- Replays of all 1:1 calls

- The BFF Effect Online Course
- access to ongoing service options

           these exclusive
perks & bonus resources 


"She made a killer branding package to make my business stand out, and helped me map out a strategy to reach more clients."

Greta LIndler, Photographer


choose your


4 month

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2x month Zoom meetings
4 Months Voxer support

Months 1-2: Strategy Work
Months 3-4: Identity Work




8 week

Twice-weekly Meetings
3 Months Voxer Support

Weeks 1-3: Strategy Work
Weeks 4-8: Identity Work



Payment plans available, of course!

Two weekly Zoom meetings / check-ins
3 Months Voxer support

Weekly Meetings
4 Months Voxer Support

the                                  experience

1. The Meet Cute

Grab a coffee and join me for for a complimentary video consultation call. We’ll get to know each other to ensure a good fit, and we’ll already begin to see how I can support you in your goals throughout the Brand Magic experience.

Woohoo! Now we’re ready to get all of the official mumbo jumbo out of the way so we can make some magic! I will send your welcome packet with everything you need to finalize the contract, pay your deposit, and complete your prep work. 

brand magic

Get ready to bust through the blocks that hold you back, while also getting crazy clear on your passions, values, and calling. We’ll build essential foundations to ensure you create a brand that motivates and excites you every single day.

2. Onboarding Prep

3. Future foundations

4. Biz Alignment

What you've built is already great, but now we're going to make it totally obsession-inducing. We'll do a full business audit to identify where we can revamp things to support your dream life while serving the right people in the right ways.

Knowing your people and knowing how to speak to them are two different skills, which is why we'll co-create a unique brand language and framework so that you can easily make those authentic connections and dream client conversions.

It’s finally time to SEE the brand come to show-stopping life! We’ll build on top of every previous step to create a strategic system of magnetic visuals (like your logos) that will set you apart and make you stand out.

5. Magnetic Messaging

6. design Magic

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side effects include:

"Before working with Hannah I had no clear vision for my brand. I had ideas, but I had no idea how to put them together. But the value that she provided in the strategy phase was insane, going way beyond the scope of what I was expecting.

During the design phase she created a logo that was more than anything I could have imagined. I still literally get butterflies every time I look at it!"

Grace Wesson, Total Wellness with Grace

"Hannah nailed the dream for my business even before I was able to fully vocalize it. When I was still hesitant to put my dreams into writing, she paved the way and showed me that it was realistic.

I love the logo she came up with, and I feel more confident taking my business to the next level! Brand Magic will completely change the way that you view your business."

Tessa Klingensmith, Photographer

"Working with Hannah was so much fun! She put me totally at ease, making each step of the process fun and thought-provoking. It pushed me to get clear on the many thoughts and ideas that I had.

She pulled things together beautifully, creating a clean and harmonious design that I'm excited to use to propel my mission and my overall brand. I am in love with it because Hannah totally got me and the message I was trying to get across!"

Landy mathes, True VIne Yoga

"Working with Hannah on my branding was such a treat! She was able to help me to get an upgrade on my business that I had been putting off for ages.

She made a killer branding package to make my business stand out, and helped me to map out a strategy to reach more clients. Hannah is intelligent, passionate, and honest in everything she does. I highly encourage you to use her services for your business!"

Greta Lindler, GretaGallup Photography

"Before working with Hannah I felt confused about how to move forward with my brand. Now I have a clearer understanding of how to be more focused in my work and how to use my strengths to pitch myself.

Brand Magic will help you to narrow your focus and build a foundation that sets you up to be more confident going forward. (Also, Hannah is the nicest!!)

Billie Wheeler, Photographer

Are you ready to uncomplicate all the things so your business can be an everyday party? Yeah, I thought so. As a master-certified DREAM coach with nearly a decade of experience in design, marketing, and branding you can be confident that I got your back. Let's connect the passion with the strategy, and make some big magic. 


master-certified DREAM coach, brand strategy expert, &  your new professional hype girl

Let's do it!
Apply now


Have additional design needs such as on-brand program logos, promotional materials, or even web page designs? Girl, I got you! We can create create a custom add-on package to upgrade your base Brand Magic suite. We will discuss adjustments to your time and financial investment as applicable to your needs.

This is not a design process where you simply fill out a survey and then hope for the best; instead, with Brand Magic you stay in touch through every step so that you can be totally confident that your strategy and design remains true to you!

For the first part of Brand Magic, we will be working together to create your front-end brand strategy through 1:1 style coaching sessions; these sessions will typically last up to 60 minutes.

For the second part of Brand Magic, you get to relax and let me go to work creating all of the visual pieces of your brand; at this point, our 1:1 calls will move into check-in sessions where I keep you informed on the evolution of your visuals. Check-ins allow us to ensure you remain deeply connected (and excited!) about everything I create for you; these calls are typically shorter, lasting only 30-45 minutes.

A logo without the right brand strategy foundations behind it is a little like that hottie from college you dated only to find out there was nothing but hot air behind those baby blues... Visuals are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your brand strategy -- they're absolutely important, but need to be grounded in deep personal and business foundations.

So if you are just looking for a logo to get your visual brand started, but aren't ready to make the time or financial investment to go through the full strategy process, then this probably isn't the right program for you. Without strategy informing its creation, a logo is simply a business expense (albeit a pretty one!), and not an investment with real ROI.

And, listen, as long as you understand that it is not a longterm solution, there is nothing wrong with going the quick logo design route when you're getting started if it helps you to feel more empowered in your business! But when you're ready for a visual brand that's more than just a pretty face, goes way deeper and connects to a larger strategy so that you can confidently use your brand to support your life and your audience, then you'll want to come back and see me for some Brand Magic.

Yes! I do offer ongoing support options exclusive to my Brand Magic clients. Currently, ongoing support is available in the form of VIP Design Days; more information on these is available upon request.

Yes! Payment plans can be broken into monthly installments based on the amount of time between booking and your project wrap date. For example, if you book your project 3 months ahead of your project wrap date, then your investment will be broken into 3 payments. Need a longer payment plan? Plan to book your package farther in advance to split your investment into smaller monthly payments.

Booking dates subject to availability. All payment must be completed prior to final file delivery and project wrap date.

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