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*Unpopular Opinion Alert*

Here’s the tea…

🚩 If the only discovery process your brand designer takes you through is a quick questionnaire, what they’re designing isn’t really about you… It’s about who they think you should be.

A dozen concept options and unlimited revisions is a poor way to make up for what’s really happening – a fake it until you hopefully make it approach.

🚩 If your brand designer isn’t staying connected with you throughout your entire project, then they’re probably afraid they won’t like what you have to say.

Either they aren’t confident in their own expertise and process, or they don’t respect your business vision enough to want your opinion… on your own branding.

The visuals are important, but they’re an outward manifestation of the rest of the strategy.

Instead when you build a total brand strategy, this is how you actually know you can consistently create magnetic messaging and scroll-stopping visuals that are attracting the right people.

This is how you create a lasting brand that you and your people are totally obsessed with.

Effective branding is about more than just the visual packaging of your business. True brand strategy is a multi-layered tapestry, woven from the threads of who you are and who you are becoming. It’s about your purpose, and how you plan to live that purpose out in ALL areas of your life.

Here’s what effective branding will do for you:

🔥It will reroute your business so it’s actually propelling you towards your dreams.
🔥It reconnects you to your purpose so you’ll be totally obsessed with what you’re doing everyday.
🔥It gets your people to be even more obsessed with what you do than you are.

Are you ready for a complete brand strategy? Apply for Brand Magic, my all-in-one strategy and design program for your total business glow-up. Or if you’re more into a self-paced, DIY option then my online course The BFF Effect is just the thing.

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