“Others do it cheaper…😰”

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Ever heard that one before?

It can really send you into a full tailspin if you’re not careful. (Been there, done that.) But here’s the thing…

It’s not your responsibility to accommodate to a potential client’s budget because they’re unwilling to fairly pay other service providers.


There. I said it.

When a potential client throws you the “other’s do it cheaper” song and dance, that does NOT mean you have to change your prices!! Don’t second guess what you charge. If your pricing is aligned with the right value exchange, then you have absolutely nothing to feel guilty for. In fact, if they’re already price shopping and manipulating you, it’s a huge red flag that they’re probably not a good client fit for you.

You’re not responsible to meet them at their budget just because they don’t pay others enough.

You deserve to feel confident in knowing who the rights clients are for you (and knowing they are going to pay your fees without a second’s hesitation).

Not sure how to proceed with pricing yourself? Easy, slide right into my DMs. Babe, you know I got you✨

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