“Were you always this confident?”

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WHOA. 🤯 I honestly don’t know if anyone had ever asked me that before, so after that question was posed to me it really stuck with me.

But I WAS confident — more than I ever had been before, and the question was surprising because I didn’t even realize it. See, the funny thing about confidence is that once you have it you don’t have to think so much about it.

The answer to her question was a resounding “Heck, no!” I definitely have not always been confident, and it wasn’t something that came overnight.

✨ What did I do between the “heck, no” and the “confidence so bright others be askin’ bout it?” ✨

I discovered that brand strategy is about so much more than a logo or making your biz look good… This isn’t just about packaging — brand strategy about uncovering your purpose and then getting clear on how to live that purpose out each and every day, in both your business AND your life.

Clarity in purpose + inspired action = unstoppable self-confidence.🔥

If your business isn’t empowering you to be more YOU, then you’re doing it wrong. Reconnect with your purpose and master your magic and confidence✨

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