Did you know that you have a SUPER POWER?

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It’s you. It’s always been you🥹

You are the hero of your own story.🔥⁠⁠

But you can also be your own super villain… twisting the very things that make you so amazing into your personal kryptonite.😈⁠⁠

Those beautiful, glittering things that make us unique become a double-edged sword if we’re not vigilant. 💎 We overlook and neglect them, and slowly the sparkle is dulled under a pile of dust, unrecognizable for the amazing treasure that it is. All we see is the dirt. All we feel is the cold, jagged surface.⁠⁠

But it doesn’t have to be that way. What if you decided to shed the mud, and dig that treasure back up? What if you decided to cultivate and explore the power that it holds?⁠⁠

Oh, girl. You would be unstoppable.🔥⁠⁠

You are so full of glittering, gorgeous magic just waiting to be discovered to lead you to your purpose!🔮⁠⁠

Let me be your sidekick and I’ll help you uncover those hidden pieces. This is exactly what The BFF Effect is for — uncovering your TRUE self and helping you to own your purpose.⁠⁠

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© 2022 Holmes House Creative LLC
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