The profitable service you’re almost definitely already providing

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SOOOOO… you’re probably already a coach. 💁‍♀️

Before you roll your eyes and scroll on by, actually think about it.⁠

🤔 If you’re working with clients and providing them life or business direction via your services…⁠

🤔 If you run a successful business and have people sliding into your DMs on the reg asking you how you did it…⁠

🤔 If you’re the friend who gives the best solicited / unsolicited life advice…⁠

👉 You might be a coach.⁠

So why not make it official and learn how to get paid for it?

Like the true work less, make more, and actually get highly compensated to serve people in a way you’re already passionate about — WIN, WIN, WIN. 🔥⁠

And if you’re looking for a coach, might I suggest Master Your Magic or TXT Bestie?

XO Hannah ✨

P.S. On the fence about whether certification is the right choice for you? Watch the replay of my live info call with DMS founder Tara Kirby here or hit reply to this email and send me all your questions.

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